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Robert Masters the principal partner behind Affordable Private Investigators and detective agency:

Through a long and notable career with the West Australian police force, Robert Masters has about 20 years of considerable experience in law enforcement stems. He took care of various arrests and consequent convictions like a murder cases, armed robbery, gold stealing, corporate fraud, missing persons investigations, embezzlement, insurance fraud and crimes against children and much more. He is getting success in this field due to his specific prized skillset to general public by providing numerous professional and ethical services. The business of in-depth investigations that he initiated is receiving fame in the market because he created a team of experienced and skilled detectives/investigators to work as a team. Robert has hired private detectives in Perth with relevant qualifications and training to carry out cases delicately.


Services and special cases API covers:

A number of in depth investigation services and assistance in the commercial and domestic domain are offered by API that are reliable, professional and economical. If you are doubtful about your spouse or feel defrauded by your business associate or even want to help a loved one who is addicted to any sort of drug, API is here to help. All of these cases are sensitive and life-affecting that require special attention, but before proceeding with your case we require a physical form of proof. We make sure to be flexible for our clients hence we offer negotiable charges to suit the customer’s financial situation. The types of services we provide you are: internet scams, electronic debugging, surveillance, matrimonial issues, process serving, missing persons Perth, family court matters, asset tracing, employee theft, insurance frauds, marine investigations, civil litigation, workers compensations, industrial accidents, background checks and corporate funds, a private detective in Thailand, and many more. Our investigators have specialized qualifications and knowledge to deal with any other type of investigation. We save you time by gathering data that is lucrative for each case. We take help with forensic science which assists us in handwriting examination, fingerprint examination and covert surveillance.


Contact Us Now for Your Query:

Here at API, we lead in depth investigations via all-inclusive and high-definition surveillance solutions. Our team uses advanced technology and equipment to conduct the investigation. When it comes to obtaining all the tiny detail and knowing all the facts, consider Affordable Private Investigation services. Drop us an email with your question and let us guide you through each and every step in detail to clear out the tangled queries roaming in your head. We promise that your doubts laid to rest after connecting with us. We provide cost-effective, timely and professional services for matrimonial issues, corporate investigations as well as missing persons cases.For further information please visit our website: